Fully Customized Palette

Fully Customized Palette


Custom palettes made for just for you! Any color you can imagine, any combination you can think of, with multiple finish options!

Truly customized palettes start at $30.00 for four (4) matte or pearl colors. Cream-to-Powder and High Sparkle colors are an additional $5.00 each per color, while Color Shift finishes are an additional $10.00 each per color. Scents can also be added to colors for $5.00 each, on the condition that you do not use the scented colors on your eyes.

If you would like a palette based on a specific character/fandom/zodiac/aesthetic/etc and would like to pick the colors and finishes yourself, use this option. However, if you’d just like me to create a palette based on a subject of your choice, then please see here.

Due to the limitations of Squarespace, please purchase at the base price, enter your email when prompted, and then I will email you to get details and collect any additional fees based on the final product.

Free shipping! :)

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All products are vegan, cruelty free, ethically sourced, and are safe to use on any part of your face. All glitter is environment safe!